1st Date

God, do I love this man… Everytime I think about him, I still get goosebumps. I have this quote in our bedroom that reads, “Just one life time won’t be enough for us.” So very true! There are times when I wish I would have grew-up with him. Though I do like my occassional space, I couldn’t imagine life without him. It still amazes me that we found one another, given that we grew up half way across the world from one another.
This was our first date since before Nishad was born! Ashish and I went to see Andre Rieu at the Target Center in Minneapolis. There were 6 oncors!! We haven’t been on so late in eons! We “waltzed” in at 11:30PM…
Two very special people made this possible. MD and J came over and hung out with the kids. We originally met MB through Nishad’s school. She quickly became near and dear to us, through conversations with Nishad. The following day, Nishad was all a buzz with stories of MB and her hubby. “Mommy, MB was trying to ride Tiger’s bike!” and “Oh, Mommy…I have to make a picture for J. He throws the ball into the sky.” We will always be thankful for this special time to reconnect as love-birds do. I look forward to returning the favor to MB and J when their baby comes home from Africa.
Now, more than ever, we needed this special couple time to remind us of what is “real.”