Absorbent Mind

Last week we had our first parent conference with Nishad’s teacher. Nishad has been doing great since the start. 🙂 Right now he’s working with the Red Rods. He’s also quite the eater! His teacher commented on how wonderful it is to see him enjoy tomatoes and hummus (things other kids won’t eat and even refresh to try). I feel so secure with letting him eat snack at school as I know they are not exposed processed or sugary foods. She also said that sometimes he is an observer- he likes to watch the older kids (his classroom, like any holistic Montessori School consists of 3-6 year olds) at work.

He’s made quite the bond with his two teachers, Brenda and Mary Beth. Though there are 11 children total in his class, he speaks mostly about his friend Thomas and Adam (who noticed his new haircut and liked it!). There are no tears anymore- they only lasted briefly in the beginning of the school year. The director of the school describes Nishad as a very sweet, gentle and compassionate boy.

We are thrilled about our decision to enroll him in the 3 year program. I always tried to maintain a Montessori home for Nishad (and Arun), but having him in the environment that he is in, REALLY impacts him. He was my helper before, but now he is my full out assistant, if not supervisor! They have a Spanish specialist as well as an art specialist. I’ll never forget a parent telling me in another Montessori school, “My child knew where Asia was on a map before she even knew her A,B,C’s.” Some parents get it- and some don’t. I wish everyone could have an authentic Montessori experience…even adults! 🙂

This past week Ashish also went to Parent Education Night at Nishad’s school. He made me so good. He left there and called me and said, “Now I know why you are so passionate about Montessori.” Of course, he was on board with the decision of a Montessori Education, however, he hasn’t had that much time to experience it first hand, or rather hands on. Sure, he’s done the tours, observations and of course, researched and educated himself too…but it is very different when you are one with the environment.

This past week I also took part in a “Coffee with…” the director of the school. What an enlightening conversation and spirit of community. It’s nice to be able to share with other parents and form a common bond based off of prioritizing your child’s needs- Montessori, of course, paving the way for their future. One Mom shared with us how her friends and neighbors can’t believe her 3 year old is in a 3 hour, 5 day a week program. She said how some perceive her as snobby as her daughter is in a Montessori School. How they question her again and again about what Montessori is, doubting her answers. I smiled and said, “Just tell them it’s a cult.” ..haha…

I also had a park and rec meeting and another photography order to work on! Busy week! This combined with commuting 5 days a week to pick up Nishad. My friend and I did get our walk in this week (albeit, wasn’t in the morning as usual)- we’re on a roll! All the boys sure did enjoy the cows. She made a comment about getting heaters installed on our strollers. I’m up for that!