Auntie D

Everyone has that certain friend– the friend who remembers EVERY significant date. The friend who ALWAYS sends a beautiful card for your birthday or to say they are thinking of you. The friend that though miles separate you, and changes in your life happen…you know when it comes down to it, you remain close… This is Diana. She is a bright light in so many peoples lives! Over the years, I’ve begun to slack in sending out notes/cards/pics/gifts…part of it is just rearing two boys…but never, ever have I not appreciated Diana for setting the model of how we should all be. A little more thoughtful. Of course, in Diana style, she ALWAYS manages to go over the top! For example, she didn’t just send my boys a card, she sent them a big package filled with books and a gift certificate for ice cream. We didn’t even realize that something was at our front door until we decided to finally clean up the cob-webs from the front door. WHAT A THRILL it was for the boys to discover something there– and the thrill only grew when they found out it was for them. THANK YOU, Auntie D…for making the boys feel the love you so packed the package with. Thank you for thinking of them, for making them feel special…and for letting them know that there are people that care for them. So to you…a little video we made this morning… Catch those kisses! xo