Auntie K

Everyone needs that special friend– and that special Auntie. My boys simply adore their Auntie K. They insist holding her hand, having her buckle them into their car seats and eating next to her when she is in town. She’s the fun Aunt to my boys that I have a special childhood connection with that once began as a mutual interest in theatre (once upon a time in Chicagoland), but can only now be defined as a sisterhood. We spent the time relaxing at the Lake, going to Bunker Beach Water park, and doing some shopping and dining in St. Paul on Grand Avenue. We even got caught in the path of a tornadic storm (perhaps, a little too much adventure for one visit!). We’re so excited to share that Auntie K will be a mere 3 hours away in Ames, Iowa as she just accepted a position at Iowa State University teaching! Congrats, Auntie K! We love you and can’t wait to see you more often!

One thought on “Auntie K

  1. I can’t wait to visit more often! I love you guys! This wonderful visit helped me to relax my mind enough so the right answers had a chance to be heard in my poor stressed brain. After our wonderful weekend the choice to move to Ames was a no brainer! I can’t wait for all the fun things we will do!

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