Beauty Does.

I admit I was a little shocked when I heard my youngest tell my oldest that “girls like to be called HOT.” I couldn’t help but wonder where he heard that or who shared that with him. After a bit of a discussion, I opened up the conversation to the idea of beauty.

What is beautiful? Can our ideas of beauty differ? Can both men and women be beautiful just as a flower, sunset or painting can? We see beauty but first we must feel it in order to give it meaning.

Is “hot” the same as beautiful? “Hot” leaves little regard to ones intellect, persona and talents. “Hot” is a limiting description of ones exterior being- a superficial definition of a persons existence.

How one acts or the things they do… not their physical traits, makes one beautiful. True beauty carries his or herself with a light in their heart that shines from within. It’s what you do and how you behave that defines beauty.

A week later, I was shopping with my boys. We were looking at picture frames. Inserted in one of the frames was a picture of a young, 20-something model. My youngest looked at me, gave me a hug and said, “You are more beautiful than her, Mama.”

Truth is, I’ve always felt beautiful. It’s always been a feeling that first resonates from within and is amplified by the beautiful company I’m blessed to surrounded by. I know an abundance of beautiful men and women. I bet you do too.

{Sing it! Everybody’s beautiful in their own way.}