Big Blow!

For the last two or three weeks, Arun has been busy impressing us all at how he knows exactly how to blow his nose, all by himself in a tissue and disgard it in the trash can.

This week, he dawned cotton, “big boy” undies as he’s been telling us when he has to go potty (“KaKa!”). He’ll even run to the bathroom and attempt to take of his undies. So, we brought up Nishad’s old little potty for him. No harm in letting him lead and set the pace for us! We’re also proud to have announce that we think we have a left hander in the house! Arun eats with his utensils with his left hand, “writes” with his left hand as well as waves, blows kisses, rolls and tosses things with his left hand. Exciting!!!

The boys have really been forming a strong bond as of late. They have really enjoyed playing and working together…Nishad liked to “teach” Tiger things too. On occasion, getting into mischief as well! haha. I am so glad we have two boys. I couldn’t picture life any other way.

One thought on “Big Blow!

  1. Yeah! A south paw! Just like his Auntie Kelly! I will have to visit and show him how to be truely sinister! Tee Hee Hee!

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