We have a new addition in our house! A white and gold, tail splashin‘ friend, in which Nishad named, “Bubbalu!” When I asked Nishad if he would like to get a pet fish, he said, “Oh, yesss!” So I looked at him and said, “But the fish will need to eat. Who will feed him?” He quickly replied, “OH, I will Momma!” Then I said, “I imagine his tank of water will get dirty. Who will clean it?” He stood up, “Me! I will keep his home clean!”

That night we all ventured out in search of the perfect pet fish and fish tank. It was love at first bubble- Nishad needed no time to make up his mind. He pointed directly at the “fishy” he wanted to take home, care for and love. He had already named the fish by the time we got to the car. He held him proudly all the way home.

Welcome, Bubbalu! We hope you are having a swimingly good time at our house in your new home!

2 thoughts on “Bubba-Lu

  1. Welcome to the family Bubba-lu! I’d love to see a picture! I miss you all! Greetings from the pig potato! Love Auntie Kelly

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