Conferences and Como!

With the weather in the mid-40’s we headed off to Nishad’s parent-teacher conference. We think so highly of Nishad’s school and adore his teachers. It was fun to touch base with his teacher and listen about Nishad’s work cycle. He’s a hard worker. He’s good friends with everyone- especially, Joseph! Which, doesn’t surprise us at all. Before long, Tiger will be attending too!

Ashish and I have been tossing around the idea of me going back to school once Tiger and Nishad are in school- maybe, I’ll get my Montessori Training Certification? Or, the possibility of doing next Autumn and being creative with scheduling as so when I’m at school, Ashish will be with the boys.

After we said bye-bye to Daddy as he headed off to work and we headed off to the Como Zoo and Conservatory! Nishad has been looking forward to this. Last night, while reading “Put Me In the Zoo” he declared that when he is older, he’s going to live in a zoo! We had a great time meandering in and out of the animal houses. Tiger enjoyed walking and stretching his legs as well. Before long, it was time for lunch…at the zoo. After we headed to the conservatory for a splash of color and warmth. It was so hot, we had to take our coats off. Before long, we were thinking about how nice the cool air will feel once we were outside of the 85-degree tropical temperatures. It only took about 5-minutes outside for us to then think about being back in the tropical temperatures!