Commissioner Kumar

Bring on the Pumpkin Patch! This is the 3rd year I’ve helped coordinate and volunteered to run the pumpkin patch as a commissioner- as the Parks & Rec commission sponsors it.
Another COLD event! I went as Red Riding Hood and Nishad wore his “Pumpkin Man” costume as Auntie Kelly just sent him a book that has a pumpkin man in it- and he LOVES it!
I had an extra pumpkinteer helper with me to set-up early…Nishad. However, he left just as soon as Daddy arrived as he was cold. He and Arun did get to pick out a pumpkin though. Nishad loves to come and help me set-up for city events. About a year ago, whenever I took him to city hall to pick up my mail or drop something off, he though we were going to decorate! 🙂 There is another commissioners son, John, who Nishad really likes. John is such a kind kid. I had fun running the tic-tac-toe game and minding the patch for awhile. It’s great to see all the kids dressed up and see new faces and converse with those that return and attend all three free events.
I was really tired after the event and hoped that I (or Nishad) didn’t catch a cold. All in all, it’s great to be able to do this.