Date with Tiger

Oh those little bare feet that I could kiss a million times and never grow tired of it…Dusty bare feet from running in the pebbles at the park…Yet, they are still delicious!

While Nishad was in fish camp from 9am to 3p.m. for one week, Tiger and I were able to hang out together. While we missed Nishad, I really appreciated the one-on-one time that I got to share with him. One of my favorite things to do is to go to a park and just marvel at my kiddos behind the lens of my camera. To me, this has the same effect of meditation in a yoga class. 🙂 No “fancy” outfits…no photo editing, or software- just raw pics of my kiddo being himself. What’s not to love?!

Yes, Tiger gave himself a haircut. He brought me the glue after and asked me to “glue it back.” ha,ha. 🙂

Crocks inspired bridge? Or bridge inspired Crocks?

To Tiger and I, it will always be a flower.