Eggstra Special

This was my first event as the Chair for park and rec. I have to say, I felt very good about how things went! I’m lucky to work with such a good group of people. Each of them bring something different to the table. Combined…what rock-stars! I gave everyone a ‘gag’ gift to get us started. We changed things up this year a bit. We actually had the Easter Bunny outside. What a hit with guests! I don’t think the bunny was ever so popular! By being outside, it naturally encouraged children to gravitate towards the Bunny in a non-threatening environment. Parents also commented about how they liked the natural setting. Some kids simply waited in line to say, “Hello” to the Bunny, while others posed for a picture. I think it meant a lot to parents that they didn’t feel obligated to purchase a picture as well. They could simply take their own. Coborn’s Delivers certainly delivered!! They donated 500 water bottles for the event! Target donated 2 of the 4 bikes we gave away. Denny’s donated three $10 gift certificates and 29 buy on get one free cards. We had some great volunteers as well. Plus!! As an extra bonus, there was no snow on the ground this year! Now that’s something to be HOPPY about! My camera battery died half way through the event, so I didn’t get many pictures. However, I was too busy being the body guard for the Bunny to shoot. ha,ha. I felt like I worked for Disney, “Please form a line and the Bunny will be happy to meet you! He’s been busy laying all of these eggs for you to find!” All in all, there were about 1500 people in attendance this year. Pretty cool!

Ashish and the boys couldn’t attend this year. Nishad had J’s 4th birthday party to attend to from 10a.m. to 1p.m. in Plymouth. Ashish dropped him off and he and Tiger spent the day together. He took Tiger to a park in Plymouth and out to lunch. Tiger soaked up all the attention from Daddy. It’s the first time the two of them had been out by themselves. This was the first time we’ve ever trusted anyone with Nishad without us. J’s Mom said things went well- they all had a lot of fun! They are a wonderful family and I feel blessed that the path we took in life has enabled us to meet and connect. Tiger and Ashish made it back in time for the Pinata. Tiger even took a few swings at it. ha,ha! 🙂
Back to school next week for Nishad! What an amazing break- despite the snow. At least it melts within hours now and doesn’t linger around. We have another busy week next week. I have two photo shoots scheduled in the evenings and a park and rec meeting. Have a great week!