Eve 2008

We were sure to party like animals, with the animals to bring in the New Year at Como Zoo’s “Noon” countdown party. Radio Disney was on hand to supply lots of music, dancing, games and free “stuff.” Complete with an animal print beach ball drop, noise makers and hats, this makes our list of things to do again in 2009! As the countdown approached, I collected my little party animals and safely placed both boys in the double stroller. There were way too many people there for me to worry about!

After we took a short elevator ride downstairs for lunch at Zöbota Café. They make the best spicy black bean burgers! Of course, we had to do our part in supporting the zoo by picking up a few ‘souvenirs’ from our favorite Saint Paul destination. Nishad picked out matching tiger shirts and socks for he and “Tiger” (aka, Baby Arun).

Our visit would not have been complete without a meander through the conservatory. January 3rd is the last day for the Holiday Flower show in the sunken garden. It was both as dramatic as it was beautiful. Of course, for this photographer, it provided the perfect backdrop to take pictures of my favorite, most precious two subjects! It felt good to be out, despite the cold. I had to stop halfway form teh car to the zoo to put on gloves as I couldn’t take the stinging in my fingers anymore. The cold reminded me of how alive I am…and how much more alive, and better off, we will all be without this bitter cold!

We headed home and made it back by 3:30PM. Daddy was home early and made a pit stop to pick up some fresh Alaskan King Crab legs for our New Year’s Eve celebration at home. It’s our tradition. They melt in your mouth and they are so sweet, succulent and buttery. In addition, I made a fabulous fresh salad with a side of a baked potato. For dessert was a banana cream pie.