Flip, Flop and Fly

Yay for gymnastics! Nishad has been itching to get back to the gym and I’ve been itching to see my firend JG and her kiddos~ a perfect solution…open gym at Gleason’s! Ashish and I have decided to enroll Nishad this Autumn after waiting through the summer. He took a trial class last Spring and loved it. Despite his Mommy’s tap happy feet, he’s definetly a gymnast! Hey, you have to be your own person! 🙂 I adored D calling me “Miss Beverly.” He would run up to me and say, “Miss Beverly…where were you? I was looking for you! There you are!” Followed by a big smile and a giggle. 🙂 We are so happy with 2 boys, but I wouldn’t mind having D- that is for sure! Tiger also tested out everything and was so happy to run, jump, climb and balance! We stopped off at Trader Joe’s (I have a slight addiction to the sparkling pink lemonade they have) and headed home for a nice, well-deserved nap!