Geez Bees!

Gotta love veggie bacon by Morning Star!

Cracker, Bed, An-gee (hindi), Dada, occasionally Mama, Tiger and Bhder are Mr. Arun’s latest words. Amazing how they just suddenly start talking! He loves it when I play tickle him when saying, “I’m gonna GET you!” Oh, he laughs so hard and sometimes he’ll try to run or crawl away from me fast. Ashish says when he tried to crawl fast, in the excitement of the moment, with his head bobbing back and forth, he looks like a little bull. haha! We can’t ever leave him out of any action either. No, sir! He wants to be involved in everything we or his brother does. He has quite the sense of humor too, and has already figured out how to charm us in order to get exactly what he wants.

“Baby’s walking! Baby’s walking! He’s doing it Mama. You can do it, Tiger!” Nishad still gets excited over the marvels of infancy and the transition to toddler hood. As a matter of fact, Ashish and I still marvel at the idea of it. 🙂 I think we as parents and human beings naturally compare the process from one child to another. Not in a competitive way, but a casual, learning curve of, “remember when…?” It is a lot easier to know what to expect the second time around. However, children have different personalities and needs. It’s important to remember to view every child, regardless of birth order, as gifted and unique.

Nishad really has settled in at school. I get great daily reports back from his teacher. She beats our expectations. We already had to buy new Croc shoes as he’s feet have out grown the other ones. I meet his friend Thomas and his mother, Beth the other day at pick-up. It was nice to put a face with the name.

Yesterday morning we went out for our morning walk with Krista and Lucas. This was a much longer walk, but it didn’t seem that long as it was great company. Us Mommy’s battled the bee’s together- they were crazy! After we headed down to the park to play with Laurie, Luke, Sean an Baby Sage. Baby Sage is looking cuter by the minute! Luke has gotten so tall! He’s such a big boy now! He turned 5 last August and is now in Kindergarten! Sean is so chatty! The bee’s were at the park too. Argh. I have come to really look forward to my Tuesday’s with the ladies and the kiddies. Before I could swat another bee, it was time to leave to pick up Nishad.

I have a week-night photo shoot tomorrow- Exciting! I’ve received many positive e-mails from the belly dance troupe that has made me feel not only appreciated, but happy that they like the work I did so much!