Get out the Sweater!

Arun with the birthday girl…

As the temperatures begin to dip and I feel a bit of Autumn in my bones, I can only think of one thing- In less than two months we’ll be in Florida! I actually received an e-mail from “Disney” that reads, “In less than two months, POOF, you’ll magically be here!” Well, I don’t know about magically…but yes, we will be there with bells on. So, why am I talking about Florida now? Well, I have to remind myself that no matter how chilly it gets, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The ‘warm’ season in Minnesota seems to be getting shorter and shorter. Don’t get me wrong, I love Autumn. However, I’m not ready for Autumn weather. I feel cheated as it is this year…

Me and my projects! Yesterday I started pulling up sod in the front to work on another garden design. I’m pretty sore and sure I don’t have to work out for at least a week! haha. Last night I went to Lowe’s and played around with different ideas, but left empty handed. Today I went to Home Depot, purchased stuff and then had Ashish return it for me. I think I’m just going to tackle this project in phases, like our backyard. I have an overall plan, but it’s going to take me some time to get things to that point. Patience. Gardening is good at teaching one about that. 🙂

Time to switch gears- cake, balloons and a little pink are needed! We went to Otsego County Park and celebrated Jenesis‘ 1st Birthday! Jenesis was dressed to the nines, in an adorable sunflower outfit. Nishad had fun with his friends at the park. Arun every so often stood up and walked…Hey, gotta impress the girls- Jenesis and Vada. We’re glad that the Kodl’s invited us on this special day. It’s so much fun seeing the kiddies grow together! Vada will be the next one in line to turn 1 years old! Oh, how I recall us three Mommies being pregnant last summer!

We came home to find the contractor working away at our new screen door. Ashish and I decided to upgrade the door from our existing one. I’m glad we did. It looks good and adds a touch of elegance to entry. I picked out an etched glass to compliment the other windows in our house. Though it took two weeks because it was a special order, it was worth the wait!

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