Grandma Wanda

The Day after Mother’s Day, the Day before my Mom’s birthday. Though we went back to Chicago for Ashish’s IT convention, in which he was a guest speaker, our fist stop was to pay respects to Grandma Wanda. She passed on January 23rd of 1992 from an aggressive form of breast cancer. I was 17 years old, a senior in high school. We brought her grave site the most beautiful flowers we could find. Oh, how she loved her garden…

This was the first time Baby Arun was there- the second time for Nishad. We were back last May for Audrey’s wedding. Little did we know that we would be back again- almost exactly 1 year later!

I still cry at her last resting place. But, I cry for a different reason. I cry tears of joy because I know she is watching over us all, she is happy- and I feel in my heart how proud she is of me, Ashish and our boys. I know that she lives on in Nishad’s vibrant spirit, Arun’s smile and my laughter.