Green Carpet Sore-dom

After contemplating buying a goat (so we would haven’t to mow our lawn as often as we do), I realized that we would rack up way more expenses in caring for the goat. While mowing the lawn, I felt the ache in my legs from walking up and down the side slopes of our house. Sometimes I just can’t fathom all my legs use to dance. Seventeen hours a week teaching, plus school and my personal dance classes…I recall how I would come home from teaching all wired and dance some more! With one eye on the mower and the other eye on the kids, I prided myself in straight rows of carpeted green- trying to divert my attention from my aching feet. I’m sure the weight that I’m having difficulty with doesn’t help the situation. I’m sure the ice cream I ate today doesn’t help either.

2 thoughts on “Green Carpet Sore-dom

  1. Isn’t it funny how a few years can do that? Lately at work I’ll be walking and think- why am I out of breath, I used to swim a few miles a day at practice. Then I remember- I’m pregnant…with twins…and I’m 30!

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