Hello, June!

It’s been while– I know! I’ve had to channel my love for writing into papers and research for my classes at St. Catherine’s University. But, it is all worth it and what a trip it’s been down this new exciting journey! And, starting out my new road down academia with a 4.0 is icing on the cake. But, enough about that! Though it’s not officially summer solstice, we’ve already begun celebrating it in our household! We have some wonderful things planed this summer, which include some of our special friends.

The boys, like my garden, are growing, growing, growing! Nishad is quite the gymnast that loves playing soccer! He even made his first goal for his team two weeks ago! They are all so cute in their uniforms. They named their team “The Dragon’s.” Nishad told me the other night at bed time that he wasn’t to be a doctor that is a fireman that drives a race car! My kind of kiddo! His school ended on a high note- literally. This year the kids performed songs associated to traveling our beautiful country at the end of the year program. Adorable! He was quite amazed that Mommy knew the lyrics to “Route 66,” “This Land is Your Land,” “Country Roads,” etc. He has also become quite the social butterfly. He still has a crush on the cutest little girl in class and his best friend is still Joseph. He’s writing and an emergent reader — which is so exciting to experience when it’s your kid… I’ve witnessed this many times before with students, but it’s different when it’s your baby. 🙂 I’m so proud of him for his love of learning, which begins at home but is largely influenced at the most excellent of schools. We feel so blessed that he is enrolled at the best Montessori school around, with the best teacher who not only guides, but loves him. Nishad has one more year of pre-school, Monday thru Friday, for three hours a day, and then he will have his Kindergarten year at this school as well as a full time student, Monday thru Friday from 8:30 to 3:30p.m. He didn’t need to take a pre-school screening because it’s only the law if you enroll your child in public K, which we are not.

Tiger…wow, it’s been 9 months since we’ve been out of diapers. What a blessing that is! He enjoyed his first year of school in the Toddler Community. He learned some wonderful things (he can count to 11 now and has started sounding out letters) and made some wonderful friends. Next year he will join the casa, like Nishad, but he will not be in Nishad’s class as they are siblings. I think it will be a very smooth transition for him as he’s already familiar with so many of the teachers, the school and children. When people ask me if he is in a “big boy bed” I have to smile. He slept on a floor bed as an infant and then a toddler bed and has been in a twin size bed for about a year now. So, I don’t have any transitional stories to share as it was so smooth and natural. (Just like Nishad.) He does love his bed and his room though…and when it’s bed time, he never has issues falling asleep.

Ashish is doing well– running things for his work and inventing better ways of doing things, new projects and being an overall leader…I’m proud of him and I’m glad he can do something he really enjoys. I was contacted by someone to help out with a project, but because of school, I refereed Ashish to it, which may be even more passionate than I in this subject area. So, I know he’ll do well. I can’t say what it is yet, but Ashish and this person are attending some seminars and something big and wonderful is on the horizon…not just for us…but for many people…especially, children in this area! So much focus is on college in this country— which always shocks me as 0-6 is when the brain is most absorbent. Lay the foundation NOW so that they can excel later!

I can’t be a slave to the computer today! It’s beautiful outside and I have two little boys itching to go explore with their Mommy! Peace!