Ice Cream Social

Everyone gather around for the ice cream social, back to school party! I had to pass out security cards and name tags this year downstairs at the front door, so the boys were upstairs playing without me. Of course the staff kept an eye on them, and when our friend’s the J’s came, they watched over them…but they were without Mommy at their side, which was a good experience for Tiger (being that he’ll be going to school!). I have to say it felt so good to receive not only compliments on an article I wrote for the school, but I really relished people coming up to me telling me how well behaved my boys are… That was so nice of people to share with me- especially, because I couldn’t see everything going on. Back to school already?? Where did the summer go. Since the weather wasn’t that great this summer, I hope we have an extended summer via the weather!