MOA Times

Ever feel like you’ve meet your long lost sibling? Well, Jewl’s is my long lost sibling. She was even actually suppose to be named Beverly as well. And, I was suppose to be named William (they were sure I was a boy)…and her Dad’s name is William. Freaky-leaky! I am so glad that I met her. She is just one of those people that you feel like you have a comfort-zone with and despite not being childhood friends, it’s as though you’ve known one another your entire life. It may have been true that, at first, it was because of our boys that we found commonality. However, I can honestly say she is one of my closest friends and I just can’t imagine not having her in my life. She always has a smile and greets me with a hug. Her friendship has made me remember how it was to have a dear friend live so close~ there is nothing like a gal pal that is secure and happy with herself…that isn’t about a facade, but all about being real. She’s already seen me and my worst and best…(and we’ve not yet known one another for a year yet) and despite everything, she’s still my friend. Yup, true friendship! The best kind. Appropriately named Julie- as she is quite a jewel!

So of course I jumped at the opportunity to hang out with her and the boys at MOA for a little amusement park fun and lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe. There are some people that despite what is joining on in your life, you drop everything and hang out with them. She’s one of those people for me. 🙂 We had a fantastic day at MOA.

After we said our goodbyes and parted ways, I let Nishad go to “Build a Bear” where he picked out a birthday turkey for he and his brother. haha! The line was long, but sure worth the wait to see the shocked look on his face when the girl about to stuff the turkey replied, “Can you jump to make the heart beat?” hahaha… I swear he looked at her like, “Look Lady, I can jump, but no amount of jumping is going to make this fabric heart beat.”