Open House

Tonight was Nishad’s Open House at his school. It was a chance for him to show us his classroom and school through his eyes. We just love Nishad’s school and can’t say enough about it. Everyone should be so inspired early on in life…and blessed with such amazing educators.

The first thing that he gravitated toward was the sewing. He recalled how Auntie Kelly and he made a puppy-dog. We meandered through the classroom and worked a bit with the sand paper letters, and toured the geography section. All the while, Tiger and Ashish played in the award winning outside environment.

After, we treated Nishad with dinner out. I also receive such compliments on the boys about how well-behaved they are when we are out. I took them to lunch at Panara Bread last week, and an elderly lady in her 70’s came up to me and said that she couldn’t help but notice how well-behaved the boys are, “How did you do that?” …I am super-Mommy! 😉 In reality though, I’ve been blessed with the most amazing kids from day 1. God must have known I was a newbie, so he had to send such blessings to teach me a lesson or two. 🙂