Origami with a side of Children’s Museum

Sound the trumpets and belt out a “C” note busting with vibrato; Auntie Kelly flew in to MSP from MDW today! She gave her job notice at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC a month back and it was finally time for her to ship out. Her Mom and Brother drove to NYC to help her move. She headed back to Chicagoland to stay with her Mom. In 6-weeks she’ll be off again to MA to create and design costumes for the summer Shakespeare Theatre Company there. She’s already received a phone interview from Dayton University and now…they are going to fly her out for a face to face interview. Of course, all expenses paid (isn’t that the only way to travel?). I have a feeling when they see her and get to know her, they won’t let her escape back on to the plane! Good things are headed her way. Meanwhile, a visit to our house was certainly in order!
Being that Auntie K loves sushi, after she landed we headed off to Origami in Minneapolis for lunch. De.lic.ious! Nishad enjoyed using the chop sticks. Kelly had the biggest bowl of noodles I’ve ever seen. Tiger had fun with noodles. I enjoyed the salmon/cream cheese/cucumber roll.
After we headed to the Minneapolis Children’s Museum to get our sillies out. Arun had fun in the Aunt hole and sliding head first down the slide repeatedly. Nishad enjoyed the stamp work in the art center and “construction zone.” I thought Kelly would get up and show all the kiddies how to rock like a rock star, but she was tired by that point (like the rest of us)! We couldn’t leave without a trip to Candyland for some popcorn~ That perked everyone up again!