Reflections on 2010

Lessons Learned, Thoughts Formed…

1. Just because people graduated from h.s., doesn’t mean that they have matured.
2. A degree doesn’t mean your intelligent, it just means you were able to jump through some hoops.
3. Many claim to be Christians, while only few “walk the walk.”
4. Class isn’t associated with money.
5. Parenting is making sacrifices- not just what is convenient.
6. Sometimes it takes a winter storm to remind you of how resilient, strong and alive you are.
7. Love will always prevail- regardless of what religion you subscribe to.
8. Everything is up for interpretation. That’s why you have to be very mindful as to who is doing the interpreting.
9. Those that spend their time dropping names in a conversation are merely trying to over-compensate for all they really lack or have low self esteem.
10. “When you know better, you do better.” Maya Angelou
11. ALL relationships are work: Like a garden, you must care for them, or they are taken over by weeds and wilt and die.
12. While one may call a knot an obstacle to overcome, another may see it as an opportunity, a force, that binds and keeps them closer and more tightly knit.
13. Don’t justify to others why you want to have “family time.” It’s your time…it’s your family.
14. Your significant other is the only one in the world that you can fall asleep next to and wake up next to. No matter how comfortable the sofa is, or how good the program on TV is…nothing is as good as drifting off and waking up next to the one you love.
15. A Husband and Wife with children are the foundation of the family. Take time for one another- you are the glue for the family.
16. Free yourself from family that doesn’t treat you as family– some of the best family comes from others with no relation to DNA.
17. Don’t compare your spouse to other spouses. Instead, remember why you married your spouse.
18. Never give up on yourself.
19. When living on one income by staying at home with your children, remember that what you do doesn’t allow you to punch-in or punch-out. Therefore, remember to take time for you!
20. Exercise your mind…daily.
21. Be an advocate for something OTHER than what just benefits YOU.
22. Never, ever let anyone steal your sunshine…Haven’t you heard? You need all the vitamin D you can get.
23. Try at least one new dish or appetizer each month. I was shocked that the Buffalo Shrimp at Charlie’s Grille would create such a lively party in my mouth!
24. Keep Moving Forward…even when it hurts. Especially when it hurts.
25. Software and Technology is only as good as the people that operate it– that have the vision for creating things with it. Just like a camera…It’s not the camera that takes pictures, it’s the photographer behind the lens that gives life to the photo and adds perspective.
26. Some of my favorite stories, have no words.
27. Two small jumps are sometimes better than one giant leap.
28. Kids don’t always listen, but they do imitate.
29. Supply isn’t the issue with world hunger- It’s Access!
30. By making yourself happy, you may take the risk of making others not happy with you. Find a place in your soul to know that by staying true and honest with yourself, it’s okay if others are not always happy with you.
31. It doesn’t matter when you start, it matters THAT YOU START!
32. It doesn’t matter when you finish, it matters THAT YOU DID IT!
33. Even the simplest of dinners tastes great when you are in the company of those you care about.
34. True Friendship adds to the quality of both of parties lives.
35. You don’t just have one chance to fulfill a dream…you have several. Every time you wake up, it’s a new day. A clean slate…an opportunity for greatness!
36. Life isn’t defined by the BIG glorious events or occasions, but rather by every day occurrences that create memories to build on.