What we crave…

After dealing with our 2005 Dodge Durango “issues” (it only has 40k miles on it), $1,000 later (in four days) with no real answers or fixes….we opted to take a deep breath and trade it in for a new car. Safety…value…and dependability…all important factors in our book. Since we LOVE our 2004 Honda CRV, we decided to go with a 2009 Honda CRV. They each sit happily next to one another in the garage. The stress of the entire situation that shook our household has now been alleviated. I feel so relieved that nothing happend to Nishad or Ashish in the Durango. We did recieve a very good trade in amount for it (it’s rating ironically was 92!) though we did have to take a $3,000 hit (in addition to the $1,000) as American cars loose their value so quickly. Ashish vows to never, ever again buy an American car.

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