Winter Blahs

After such a healthy Fall, and seemingly healthy winter…IT got US! Whatever IT is it vacated the boys body (thankfully!) but alas, I’m always the longest to recover. On my behalf though, I did get it after the other two were on their way to recovering. I think that I was just so worn down. With school, homework, trying to keep up the house and take care of the boys (which now have swimming, gymnastics and little sportsers), on top of being up the entire night with Tiger…on top of Ashish coming home consistently late the last few weeks…my resistance was just low. I pushed through my Friday night class, dreading every minute my body wasn’t under the covers. Saturday and Sunday were spent at home, recovering. I really can’t wait to get back to my dance classes and perhaps add an element of exercise on another day for the week. But first things fist– feeling better.

So, I thought this would be a good time to re-visit and re-evaluate my priorities and focus.
1. My relationship with Ashish
2. My boys
3. My health (Get to that Zumba class! Get to that Dance class! Lay off the sugar!)
4. Consistently healthy meals that are prepared, NOT assembled.
5. Schoolwork.
6. Keep it simple (Block off down-time on the sched!)
7. Soak up and enjoy the “simple” things
8. Deligate more
8. Practice Peace.
10. Read more.