10 Year Anniversary

Red, White and Blue…I am for you! Honest, you’re a grand old flag! …Land that I love, stand beside her…with a light from above!

Ashish will be in this country for 10 years on August 11th. We invited people over for a garden gathering that we consider family and special friends to reflect upon his journey, accomplishments and blessings.
Ten years ago, my sweetheart came to this country with one suitcase and $500 (then, just enough for a one way ticket back to India). Amazing to me, considering I need to have cash in store for crossing a state line- “just in case.” I can’t imagine moving to an entirely different country and culture…I think Ashish is brave, spirited and adventurous. Above all else, I think he knew I was here and that I was at a point that I really was ready and open to the possibility for his steady presence and unconditional love in my life. 🙂
Despite the fact that my love and I grew up on opposite sides of the ocean, we were able to find one another. As there are still some Indians that have ‘arranged marriages’… Our marriage was arranged too. However, parents and relatives had nothing to do with it… it was all arranged by God.
The D’s (our Minnesota family), the Beans’, Kold’s, Kane’s, Clausen’s and a few of Ashish’s co-workers that he considers friends all turned out to celebrate with our own “Festival of Taste-Nations!” Auntie Kelly and I cooked up palak paneer curry, aloo-gobi curry and tandoori chicken. We ordered samosas and Indian treats along with a big cake vanilla cake filled with chocolate. There was jumbalia, Swedish meatballs, Mexican, Chinese noodles, different rices, potato dishes, and even a chocolate peanut butter rice crispy desert. Food, glorious food.
It was so great to be surrounded by those we care about. It meant so much that they shared in this special day. Many thanks to all that shared this festival meal with us, and special thanks to Auntie Kelly for helping me prepare food, clean, be crafty and entertain the boys!
Ashish doesn’t like to be the center of the lime-light…but I have to admit, he’s my star! His story is an inspirational one. He single handily came to this country, not knowing anyone- not owning anything. He had to work for everything he earned in life- nothing was handed to him. Just as he worked hard to stay here- the right way, the honest way…a way that makes me very proud.
As I celebrate his 10 year anniversary, I can only thank God for guiding him here safely- with a light from a above.