Upon arrival, we headed right to the beach. Our children’s instincts were to immediately run, fully clothed, into the ocean. Who needs swimsuits when you have a heart of joy and excitement  over flowing in your pours? Indoor recess, school cancelations, “Polar Vortex,” layers of winter attire, ice, shoveling and a lack of sunlight were distant memories now…at least for the next 9 days.
As my husband and I sat, toes planted in the sand with the sound of our children’s laughter filling the beach with song, we turned to one another and smiled. This was no ordinary family vacation. This was a turning point in our lives.
We were amazed how life didn’t stop for people in San Diego. We lost count of the people we observed walking, running, biking…cooking and eating outdoors. They were living while we were counting the days for Spring to arrive in Minnesota. I would hear hearty Minnesotans say, “Embrace the cold, don’t endure it.” After 10 years, I just don’t think we could, or wanted to endure it anymore.
New Years Eve, 2013. Grilling turkey dogs on the beach.
As the final days of our vacation approached, seeing how happy our boys were to freely play and explore, feeling the effects of seasonal depression wear off, we tossed around the idea of how we could make the move to California. If others lived there, why couldn’t we? They were creating a life here…so could we.

By all means, we weren’t abandoning ship– we lived in Minnesota for 10+ years. Minnesota has been good to us! …Marriage, houses, babies, my education, my husband’s job…and a community of friends that are family by every meaning in the sense. I couldn’t help by think of a quote I once stubbled upon:  If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet. -Rachel Wolchin

We were ready for a change. Without risk, there is no change. Without change, there is no growth. Composing a life doesn’t consist of “What If?”… it’s “Why Not?” If we had any doubt in our mind, the 70-degree difference in the temperature on the day we landed at MSP sure cleared that up.
Minnesota. January, 2014.
So we tossed the idea out to the universe. The universe listened. We are so thankful.