3 Healthy Salads to Make Summer Sizzle.

With a little choppin’ there’s no stoppin’ you from enjoying three healthy, no fail salad recipes that taste like a little bit of summer with every bite! Many friends have asked me for the recipe for these three. I have tweaked the first recipe according to the needs of our family. I’m sure you’ll add to your creative touch as well!

1. Herbed Rice and Spicy Black Bean Salad.

Hands down, our favorite family salad. I’ve been making this for the past 6 years. Originally, I stumbled upon this recipe on AllRecipes.com. I’ve taken it to pot lucks, served it up with a side of grilled salmon and eating a bowl full of lunch. The most consuming part is chopping up all the veggies. However, it’s worth the work. 
Above: The ingredients in this recipe were doubled.


The Final Product!
I seriously combine ALL the ingredients together in a big bowl. I add the dressing at the end. I play around with the cayenne pepper (some days we like a little more heat) and I always use fresh herbs. Chill before serving. This makes about 8 cups.

2. Summer Chickpea Salad with Honey Garlic Lime Vinaigrette.

Chickpea lovers unite! Run, do not walk to your grocery store to get these ingredients so you can make this recipe today. Thanks to “How Sweet It Is”, no tweaking of any sort was needed for this recipe. Perfect!  

3. BLT Salad

Summertime….and the eatin’ is light. Our family doesn’t consumer beef or pork products for health reasons. (I haven’t had beef or pork in about 15 years.) So, naturally when I saw this recipe from “How Sweet it Is,” I knew I could substitute the pork bacon with turkey bacon. The end result…heavenly. I should have known it would have been a winner after tasting her first recipe (above). You may want to play around with the dressing. I’ve actually substituted Brianna’s Poppy Seed Dressing.