And with a blink of an eye…

August is here! So much for the dogs days of summer…especially, when “summer” arrives a bit late! Despite the cool temps, we’ve been enjoying our summer and keeping busy. (Sometimes, a little too busy for my liking!)

July greeted us with fun visits with friends! Some play dates, open gym, 2 straight weeks of daily swim lessons for Nishad, a pot-luck luncheon, toss in “Peter and the Wolf” at Minnesota Orchestra Hall combined with fun times at Como Zoo, Minnihaha Park, Lake Calhoun, Lake Beebe, Elm Creek, a water park and….whosh! July flew by!

Nishad is such a fish ~ and Tiger wants to be “just” like Nishad. He tries so hard to swim like his big brother- even jumping in and going under, flapping his arms and kicking his legs. Nishad always loved the water, however, I think the consecutive swim lessons for 2-weeks were just the boost he needed. He has made such strides, and loves to swim around with a simple ring around him. He hasn’t mastered the back float yet- something we have to work on. We may have to get him some ear plugs as he says he doesn’t like it when water gets in his ear. He was in a class with 5 year olds because the other two 3 year olds were below his level, so after an evaluation, they thought they would give him a little challenge. Being that he will only be 3 years old this September, he’s still a bit young for these classes…but his age has never stopped him!