“It’s okay Baby Arun, we know it’s hard to be a little guy sometimes” Mommy Beverly said. “Yes, Baby Arun and sometimes it’s hard to be a big guy too,” says a very understanding Nishad. The more they grow, the more I marvel at them…

With my last holiday card order and photo sessions complete for December, I can sit back and relax a bit. I really do love receiving cards in the mail from friends, family and clients. This year I have an added feeling of bliss as I’m also once again seeing the photos I captured of people or the cards I designed…it brings so much pure joy in my heart. Thank you to those who give me the honor of capturing the essence of family and for designing custom cards- unique as each family really is. I was finally able to work on our card as well. It was snowing out when I was working on it, so being that it’s the beginning of the season and I’ve already had enough cold weather, I decided to send everyone warm wishes. This was a rather impromptu decision, but people know exactly what my mind frame is of late. ha,ha. A card with a featured double meaning.

Ashish and I were both feeling under the weather (the kids were not affected at all- they have been fantastic). We actually decided to make our health a priority instead of pushing through commitments…Which, for me, was suppose to be a busy week of a park and recreation meeting, set-up at city hall for Santa Day and the event following on Saturday. I know that would have only made me worse and run-down. Ashish and I have never been the type of people who knowingly go out and spread germs to begin with. Even when our kids don’t feel 100%, out of courtesy and respect, we inform other parents and cancel social events. It’s not fun having a sick little one. It does amaze me how many parents ignore that their child doesn’t feel well and they drag them along anyway. I know as an adult when I don’t feel good, I don’t feel very social. I’m sure children don’t feel much different.

Last Friday I purchased a book and it wasn’t a children’s book! ha,ha. I am tickled at my new little discovery! As someone who grew-up surrounded by real bakeries and having a background of a Czech and German lineage I can confidently say, BREAD is my friend. Carbs, on the other hand, are a different story! However, who wants to pay $5.-6.00 a loaf for good bread? I’ll admit I have…but who wants to? I also missed the fresh, rustic European breads that are found in Chicagoland. I have found a few places in Minnesota that I can find decent bread- but it’s at chain stores. Behold, the answer! Artisan Bread in Five Minutes. I was so excited when I came across this book. I was ecstatic when I started reading it! I was delighted when I tasted it! So simple, so easy, so grateful to the author for sharing his secrets and for the co-author for sharing her tips and creating these user friendly recipes (for those of us who only “act” like we are trained at the Culinary Institute of America). You can mix everything up in one bowl, no kneading required. Better yet, the dough keeps in the fridge! So, everyday I can love me some bread! Furthermore, they are local authors. As an artist, I love to be able to support fellow, local artists. Check out co-author, Zoe Bakes, food blog.

I have often said I could survive on bread alone, chips and a good salsa alone. I still believe that!