Back 2 School

…And back to “routine.” I can’t believe two weeks came and went! I for one, really enjoyed having Nishad around. Everyday we planned on something fun in celebration of the season and the break from school. Arun really grew over break as well. We’re amazed at how fast he picks up things from his older brother. He is speaking more and more Hindi as well. I think because I know much more now and I’m able to speak to him, in addition to Ashish and Nishad.
On the last day of break, I managed to start and finish painting the main-floor bathroom, “cookie crumb.” It’s really like a sand color, but it is so much more exciting to call it by such a name. About two years ago, I painted a California cabana themed bathroom. I was ready for a change- something toned down a bit. I still kept all the beach photograhs I took while in California (when Nishad was 4 1/2 months old).
I’ve literally made a bout 9 loaves of bread while on break too. This last batch was divine! It was a honey cranrainsin bread. It’s such a nice European rustic bread; hard crust, soft center. Needless to say, I have been enjoying my bread book!
We dropped the Durango off to the shop today. Something is wrong with it- not sure. Ashish is convinced that he will never again purchase another American car. We originally purchased the 2005 Durango because we wanted room for the boys car seats, double stroller, and well… the October visitors from last year.
I haven’t made any resolutions. This is the first year I haven’t done that. When I get “in the mood” I will reflect on my life, how I’m living it and what path I hope it leads.
With everyone sick right now, I feel so blessed none of us are! For weeks all I hear is how ill everyone is. I will surely keep my fingers crossed AND attempt to be even more so OCD about hand washing. My hands are so cracked, red and dry right now. I need to be more diligent about putting Burt’s Bees on them…Ahhhhh…soothing thoughts. I’m being extra picky not to have play dates right now with the germs in full swing. It’s enough that Nishad is at school. We also didn’t get our flu shots this year. I thought I would try something different as every year we get our shots, we seem to get the flu! How is that fair?!