Curious George

Being that both of our boys dig Curious Bunder (Bunder means ‘monkey’ in Hindi they never really called him “George” until just recently), we had to take them to see the show live at the Target Center. We went to the 4:30p.m. show on Sunday. The show has a ‘chef’ theme, so our little Chef Tiger was especially excited! We parked in lot C, away from the crowd and took our time ambling over to the show via sky way. Upon entry, each child was given a chef hat with their ticket. We had excellent seats as I was able to take advantage of the pre-sale tickets.The layout of the main floor was much smaller than imagined, so you didn’t need to be “that close” to get a fantastic view. The boys each picked out a souvenir, and we indulged in popcorn. Despite it being a bit LOUD during the second act, overall it was a great show and a fun experience! There were LOTS of jazz hands in this production…so of course, Mommy was thrilled too! Thanks, Curious George Live!