Dapper Boys

Livin‘ it up at their first party of the season…St. Catherine University’s “family” Christmas Party! There were lots of reindeer games, complete with yummy-yum’s, prizes and a whole lot of cheer! I do believe the boys love my school even more than I do! There is always something happening at St. Kate’s. We LOVE the community at “our” school.

This year I did something different for the boys Christmas outfits. I had to pick up these penguin vests when I saw them! My handsome little men love penguins, so it was something I knew they would adore as much as I adored the colors and kid friendly design. They retail at $28, but I was able to get them for a steal. Gymboree’s website is showing the price as $13.99, but I picked them each up for $9.99 at the outlet store. Toss in two black turtle necks for $3.99 each, tweed caps at $4.50 each (they are sold on the website for $7.19 each on sale) and Gap khakis (Gap pants are more expensive put well worth it in design and durability) complete with penguin print socks for $1.99 each– Ta-da!! Little Dapper Men! Plus, because they don’t solely have a Christmas theme, they will be able to wear them all season long.