Fast Times in August

After a whirlwind of excitement, I’m finally back to tend to my ‘garden.’

The weekend seemingly evaporated before our eyes- as most weekends do. We’ve not had the air conditioning on in days…an all too familiar reminder that a change of season is about to take place. Days are definitely shorter. As I watch my annuals begin to dwindle away, I feel positive that we did so much this summer, but sad that summer days will soon be a thing of the past.
I face Autumn with mixed emotions. Both my boys were born in Autumn, my birthday is in the Autumn and our anniversary is in the Autumn. My baby Nishad will start pre-school this Autumn. Autumn is actually my favorite season- and most magical, thanks to our boys. If only Autumn could convince Winter not to rear his ugly head.
Monday we had wonderful guests that visited us while on a 18 day vacation of the upper mid-west; Claire, Francesca and Kieth stayed with us. Claire first danced into my heart when she was a little older than Nishad. I still can picture her, like it was yesterday- a pink tu-tu, slippers and her hair in a pony tail with such big eyes looking up at me in an angelic voice, “Hi, Miss Beverly.” She was a student in my pre-ballet class and quickly advanced to Ballet I. Claire also read the poem, “If Roses Grow in Heaven” at our wedding. She and her Mom were at my baby shower too. When I told Nishad that they were coming to visit he replied, “I don’t think I’ve seen them in a long time.” He was right! It’s been about 3 years since I’ve seen them. Claire is growing into quite the beautiful, intelligent and talented young lady filled with grace and courtesy (Montessori child that she is!). Claire is 9, a gymnast, plays the piano and loves to take photographs (she showed me 500 of her pictures she took while in South Dakota, North Dakota, Sioux Falls and Montana). Nishad loved having a gymnastics buddy. Keith serenaded us with his guitar- amazing! Francesca warmed my heart with her laughter and smile.
They are such an inspirational family. They have a beautiful repore with Claire. Nishad *loved* being carried around my Francesca. Arun even went to Keith to be held while Mom took pictures at the Zoo. Seeing them made me miss where I grew-up. There is something so familiar about certain people that you can instantly relate with- I think people from Chicagoland are like that. Very genuine. Keith even gave me his sour kraut recipe. He told me that he lives next to “Josie”- the lady that owns Josie’s restaurant that you can order dumplings from online. He said that if he opened a restaurant next door to Josie’s, he’d put her out of business. I believe him! At one point, Kieth, Fran, Claire and I were all talking about kolacky, rye bread and houska. I laughed and said, “See, Honey! There are more of us out there that are like this!” Though I knew they have to get back home, I was sad to see them leave.
Roses Grow in Heaven
If roses grow in Heaven,
Lord please pick a bunch for me,
Place them in my Mother’s arms
And tell her they are from me.
Tell her I love her and I miss her,
And when she turns to smile,
Place a kiss upon her cheek.
And hold her for awhile.
Because remembering her is easy,
I do it every day.
But there’s an ache in my heart
As I’m missing her today.
Yesterday, we received a letter from Nishad’s teacher, Brenda. Looking at the school calendar, we are going to have quite the packed social year as there seems to be a lot of family gatherings, speakers, coffees and festivals! Exciting! A whole new community. The first is for a parent to attend on the 26th. The same day we have an ice cream social where Nishad will meet other children, we’ll meet other families and the staff. Under the advice of his teacher, we went out and bought Nishad a pair of Croc’s to be used as his inside shoes. We have to buy a plant for the first day of school so he can find a spot for it in the classroom. His teacher said this will give them a sense of ownership of the classroom from the start, divert their attention from the separation of their parents and…the classroom gets beautiful new flowers each year! There are so many things to sign-up and volunteer for as parents. We look forward to doing our part an parents and taking an active role in Nishad’s education.
Last night was one of the longest park and rec. meetings I’ve been to in some time. I think it was also one of the better meetings although, at times, it seemed a bit heated, it was productive. It’s great to have new people on board, and to have opinions and to be able to back-up your belief in those opinions.
Ashish worked from home today- he’s gone from manager to taking over a directors job. Boy has he been busy lately! The contractors also started siding our house today. I worked on some stuff for my business today, as well as a flyer/save the date, that I volunteer my time creating for our park and rec. events. Pumpkin Patch day will be here before I know it!
I’m learning to be more assertive with my business. I don’t take anything personal, but I must admit, a few people have placed me in odd positions in which I’ve had to be blunt after repeatedly being questioned. It’s not fair that I would charge someone else for something and not another. Plus there is the issue of time. Time is so important.
As business owner, one has to accept that some people may not like your decisions. I need to be true to myself, my business and ethics. I am so excited to be able to offer something unique, personal, custom and creative- a fresh alternative. Flash a smile and create a memory! That’s my business plug! 🙂
Ashish is wonderful at supporting me- as are a few of my good friends. I actually was signed on another photo session! I’ll be taking ‘action’ pictures of a dance troupe on September 15th. Then they scheduled me for portraits as well. I’m really looking forward to that! Right now it’s nice as I can pick and choose what I really have time for, as our kids our are first priority. I try not to do any design work while they are up during the day as I’m a stay at home mom for a reason…to be with them, teach them and spend this precious time with them.
I feel I’m a bit blue today…The thought of Nishad going to school, a very good school in which he’s ready to thrive in, also makes brings me to the reality that my little boy is growing…and soon, he won’t be with me ALL day long. Funny, there were times when I thought that after we filled out his application and heard about his acceptance letter I would be doing the Hallelujah dance. I’m still excited for him. I’m just not dancing over not seeing him…albeit three hours a day…but he IS my baby. Hard to let go.