When you think about what our body really needs to sustain life, it’s hard not to feel like we live in a gluttonous society. In a day and age of abundant grocery stores, gourmet recipes and “Food Network” we often forget about all those that do without. I simply think about the amount of food we toss in our household alone, on a daily basis and cringe. Food is so readily available- our children have forgotten what tables are for. Now it’s common to “eat on the go.” Sure, have a snack in the car. Eat standing up. When food is available, or offered, do we eat it because we are hungry? Or do we eat it because it’s there? One of my pet peeves is eating in front of a tv. You’re not consciously aware of what you are consuming. I was guilty of this growing-up, however, I’m glad to break that cycle with my kiddos.

I had the opportunity to volunteer with my friend, MB, and her friends and family last night at Feed My Starving Children. Ashish went before, so I was excited to go this time. Such pressure to seal bags- all for a great cause though! It’s only for adults, so the kiddos stayed home with Daddy.

MB also shared the most exciting news with me complete with a picture!! Baby Kalegeta (which means “the Lord’s word”) will be coming from from Africa in August!! He’s just gorgeous! Already 1 month old and destine to be in MB’s arms. I can’t wait to meet him. For now I must get on the ball with helping MB prepare in any way that I can. Adoption is one of the most unselfish things you can do. What an amazing couple.