Karma for Korma

The Sweet smell of cilantro on my hands. The aroma of chicken korma and fish curry simmering fills the house with all of the goodness it was intended with. Ashish started it. Let’s be clear about that. While driving to the grocery store, he commented about chicken korma being the national dish of Britian. Suddenly, I had a strong hankering for it!

All I could think about was korma, korma, korma. (Not to be confused with Marcia, Marcia, Marcia by any bland means.) I carried on my conversation with Ashish at Costco and Cub Foods, only to be plagued by thoughts of korma. “Yes, Honey. I do like that” followed by a silent follow-up thought of ‘and I do like korma.’ “Yes, Honey. We should get that” followed by a silent follow-up thought of ‘and forget about Chipotle for lunch, I can almost smell the chicken korma stewing in my mind.’ Yes, it is time for some better-than-take-out Indian food. Hmn.

Maybe I should open a Chinese-Indian food restaurant with a Czech Bakery in the front? The one stop shop for ALL your cravings (Or, at least mine!). A cultural experience that will please your mind, body, soul, tongue and appetite!

Sometimes your body just craves good food. No Internet orders please! 🙂 Those brown truck drivers may be too tempted to open this package up and it would never reach it’s destination…Your tummy!

My new twist on the perfect korma recipe for a perfect sandwich:
Roti or Naan
3 tbls. Cranberries (jelled or sauce)
Enough chicken korma for half of the roti
~Add cranberries and korma on half the roti and fold. Eat sandwich style.

Plenty of Indians grow-up eating a mango chutney. Well, cranberries are my version of that. Think this sandwich as Thanksgiving, without the bland gravy, ever so kicked up a slight notch, all held in one hand. What a great way to use some of those gooblin’ good leftovers! Ashish said I should patent this, so use it while you can! 🙂 Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures. I was too busy reaching a stage of enlightenment.