K’s 1st Birthday!

We were invited to monkey around with a special birthday boy! Cupcakes dressed in theme (monkeys and nanners!) and a birthday boy that amazed me with his ability and sheer enjoyment of living in the moment…and wearing a hat that his Mommy picked out for him. (I could never get my kids to wear hats.) What a milestone…for all involved. K is lucky, but all of us are even more lucky for having him in our lives. We look forward to more “playdates” with them all- very soon! My friend and her friend, holding K’s little brother. He reminds me so much of Tiger!
Good Cake!

K’s little brother C looks on in the midst off all the excitement. Pour joys, sweet blessings… Congrats to a most deserving and loving family that we are so happy to be able to call our friends!

More Cake served up by Mommy!