I guarantee if you eat the box, it would taste better than the ingredients provided in this kit for the pizza. We (Ok, I) will go to any extreme to find that ‘perfect’ Chicago-style pizza. Needless to say, after 7 years, I still haven’t found the answer. It certainly wasn’t in this cardboard box. This box has some amazing graphics on it though…look how fun and exciting it appears to be! It’s almost as though the pizza itself with jump out of the box and have a taste party along side of you. It says that you can make a Chicago-style pizza or New York style pizza…yup, servin‘ up a tall order and I proved to be the sucker for it. After all, it’s made by Elmer’s…the GLUE company! If I would have read that prior to buying it, I can assure you it wouldn’t have been in my cart. However, it did include some fun science experiments that took me back to my days of teaching. Tiger, our little chef, was THRILLED to open this on Christmas. He would do ALL the cooking if we let him. I found this on the web from $9.99 on Amazon to $19.99 on I paid $6.00 for it and felt cheated.

Waiting for the balloon to rise- to indicate our yeast was ready. This was not the most exciting part for Tiger…but it was a good lesson in patience.