May Day!

The May Day parade was something that I’ve wanted to go to since moving to Minnesota. However, it just never panned out– and it was quite a drive. However!! Living only 15 minutes away…this was the year to make our presence a reality! It was FREEZING and we were not exactly dressed for Mother Nature’s cold shoulder (their were actually flakes floating in the air!), but it was one of the most creative and passionate parades I’ve ever seen! One of our faves was a monkey that came up to us. Instead of passing out candy, he was passing out nanners. This is a place that you are free to speak your political mind. In other places, where people would be arrested for Anti-War demonstrations, they’ll be applauded here. Even Minnesota companies– that destroy the environment and planet will be vilified here. There are tons of organizations and non-profits- even the Mayor marches. It’s organized by the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre – so of course, it’s visually amazing! Regardless, of what part lines you’re on or what you believe, if you come with an open mind and view it with a child-like perspective…you’ll enjoy! We’ll be sure to be back next May! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate!