MN Children’s Museum

Fun for ages 0-100! We all piled into the suv and headed to the Minnesota Children’s Museum today with Krista, Jaxson and Vada! Bugs and animals were Nishad’s thing, while bubbles and water were Jaxson’s cup of tea. Baby Vada and Baby Arun pretty much slept the entire time despite the noise from a ton of field trips. The museum does post “quieter times” on their web site.

Nishad enjoyed dressing up like a fireman as well. He thinks his Daddy is a fireman because he ‘puts out fires’ at work. I think he’ll be a little disappointed when he visits Daddy to find he doesn’t have a pole you can slide down, nor a firetruck to ride…just a desk and a computer!

We ate lunch and headed back home around 2PM. Before we knew it, the giggles stopped and our precious angels napped their way back…of course! Only to be up and ready with more energy by the time they arrived home! This Momma was pooped! I think after Arun turns 1, we’ll get a membership. It’s a neat place to spend the day!