MOA with a twist of Guthrie

Nishad’s best friend’s Mom works at MOA. Since J’s birthday is actually on April 1st (no joke!) J’s Mom invited us to spend J’s special day with him at the park at MOA. The night before, we thought it would be fun to go and pick out some balloons to give to J in celebration of his 4th birthday! The next day, we were rushing out the door and we forgot the balloons! This, after listening to the lady in the balloon shop go on and on about Nishad’s eye (yes, he has another bump that we are treating- poor guy). I finally had to tell her to stop as he already feels self-conscious enough, please don’t draw additional attention to it and make him feel worse. I called J’s Mom and said we may be running late as we were going back for the ‘surprise’ for J!
We finally reached MOA when I opened the back door to get the stroller out- and you can just guess what happened! We had our own little celebration for J right there in the parking lot as we watched the balloons float away up, up and away…until they were no longer visible. Nishad looked at Kelly and I with such disappointment. We stopped off and picked J up two birthday suckers on the way to meet him. All was well again.
Nishad and J had so much fun riding all the rides together. They are so cute together! Watching them gave me a case of the smiles and giggles! It meant so much that J wanted to spend his actual birthday with us! This was the second time that in a week that we were able to hang out with them. J’s mom had everything set so that the boys could ride everything for free- a perk for working at MOA, I’d say! It was time to say goodbye and hello to lunch and then nap times. We had a great time though!
Kelly and I had to rest up as we had tickets to see “By the Bog of Cats” at the Guthrie in the evening. It was great to get out like old times and really tear into a play. The best part was analyzing it with her. It really made me feel like I wanted to get my hands dirty and direct it! Overall, it was a good play. However, for a show that is closing in 4 days, it wasn’t as polished as we expected. There was a beautiful view on the 9th floor. We took some neat pictures. We got home really late. I don’t think I recall my head hitting the pillow- I just passed out!