Our Olympian!

Nishad *loves* doing summersalts, walkovers, break dancing, jumping, climbing…you name it! Today we went to open gym for pre-school children. Arun assisted Ashish at home and Nishad and I went off to work off some energy. We’re always looking for creative and educational ways to get through these “indoor” months living in Minnesota. This was the third time we attended this gym’s open gym. To this point, we haven’t enrolled Nishad in a class yet because we wanted him to get use to his school schedule. However, after today, he’s signed up for a trial class! Daddy and I think it just may be time! It really is a shame that we always have to venture so far and go to privately owned places to get good instruction. There are offerings through community education, however, you get what you pay for. Hopefully, there will be better qualified instructors on staff for community education, with programs that are as good or better than private offerings. That was one of the reasons why I started a dance program at a YMCA when I lived in Chicagoland. Why shouldn’t quality programs be offered for all- regardless of demographics or incomes?

I beam (no pun intended!) with pride when I see Nishad interact with other children. He’s so polite and courteous. We are so lucky and blessed to have Nishad and Arun in our lives. Such gifts that never stale, but only continuously grow and bring forth more joy.