Home of the Brave..and Right Home at Chester Park in Duluth, Minnesota
The waterfall you can actually walk across…if you’re brave enough, that is!

This is a scene that looks really out of place in the midst of summer at Chester Park. It’s hard to imagine the snow covering everything on such a warm day.

Lester Park Falls, or “rapids” if you are really imaginative!

Ample play structures for all ages, a ball field, and countless spots of “warm” water that everyone was basking in. There was even a cliff that countless people were jumping off of into the water of the creek below. It must be a Duluth thing! Of course, Nishad wanted to jump off with the best of them. (insert scream here)

One a park and rec. commissioner, always one. I have this habit of checking out parks in different locations, not only as a Mom and photographer (for on-site shots) but as a commissioner- well, ex-commissioner. I love to compare, contrast, “dream” and soak it all in! We visited two parks for the first time in Duluth: Chester Park and Lester Park. Chester Park is up above the city while Lester is down by the shoreline. There is even a self lakewalking tour for Lester Park. If you don’t have a tree house, another amazing view for the fireworks would be at the top of the hill, on your way to Chester Park. If you’re there, you’ll know exactly the spot that I’m referring too! Another amazing view!