For Nishad’s 3rd birthday and Arun’s 1st birthday we had booked a private party with a host/zoo expert at Como Zoo in Saint Paul. It was so nice to have an educational segment with live animals and games lead by Anna. We frequent Como and it’s events, so we thought this was also a good way to show our support. Anna not only presented the animals and games to lead, but Como also took care of catering in advance. It was great to show up and see everything decorated and in place. Nishad had such a look of “wow” on his face. Arun was happy doing laps around the room- “The Duck Room.” We truly feel blessed to have those special friends that we do that were able to venture out to Saint Paul to celebrate our boys special day with us. It was so cute to see the kids investigate each animal Anna presented. Andrea made her way from the front to the back of where the animals were being presented as soon as the coolers appeared! haha! 🙂 I don’t blame her! Behind her as we chatted, I kept hearing “THUMP! THUMP!”

After the party, we had company at the ZOO BOO as the Clausen’s hung out with us! We had a ball trick-or-treating at the zoo and seeing all the people dressed in costumes. Despite what the weather man said, it was the PERFECT day! It actually started to get too warm at ZOO BOO… As you can imagine, there were a ton of people that decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

We returned home super late- and without times for nap, you can imagine how worn out we were! All worth it though!