I decided to get my camera out yesterday and take some pictures of the boys- particularly Arun as I haven’t had a chance to snap any of him lately and Nishad was feeling under the weather. My camera replacement for my D80 and new lens arrived about a week ago, so it was long over do for testing! We also picked-up a desk-top for my work at home. This enables me to take my lap top on-site for jobs, if need be. It’s one fast computer! I’m adjusting to a new keyboard…always feels funky the first few weeks.

I’m happy to report that Nishad is feeling a lot better. He hasn’t had a fever today. We even went to Maple Grove where we went to Borders. I let him pick out a few books; He selected a Curious George book (which he only knows as “Bunder“) and “Fish is Fish” by Leo Lionni. I let Nishad help pick out Jenesis‘ birthday gift (for this Saturday). We went to one of my favorite stores to browse, “Good Things” and then headed to Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping. After we picked up our Chinese take out from P.F. Chang’s via request of Nishad, and headed home. Of course, we couldn’t avoid all the suits walking around with flags on their labels and police/security escorts. We were reading in Borders, sitting on the floor, when one of them popped his head around the corner and smiled, “That sounds like a nice book!” Why they were swarming like bees in Maple Grove is beyond me. However, I thought it was funny to see a plane flying above us with a banner that read, “Ron Paul: r EVOL ution” with ‘love’ flipped backwards and in red font.

After two days of staying home, I think Nishad really misses his school. I’m sure he’ll be well enough to attend tomorrow. We weren’t about to send him until he had a day of just recovery.