School x2

Both of my babies started school this year! This is Nishad’s second year at a private AMI Montessori School, and Tiger’s first year attending in the toddler community. How amazing is that?! How blessed we are to be able to have both in such a school of excellence, in which we are surrounded with a tremendous staff and wonderful parents. Tiger will be right across the hallway from his big brother. Staying true to Montessori, they both attend 5 days a week for 3 hours a day.

Tiger had phase-in for a week. Nishad waltzes in like this is his second home. His teacher said he is all smiles and happy. He is a hard worker and loves that his best friend J is with him every day.

Tiger on the other hand, is fine when Daddy drops him off, but not so fine when Mommy has to drop him off. He cries and looks for me. He’s also in cotton undies now and has gone on the potty a few times. He wears his cotton undies at school, so we had a bit of an extra incentive to get on the potty-train with him. Tiger has made a special friend already though. A little boy in the class by the name of Hudson. He turned 2 this past April. Nishad told me that he saw Hudson helping Tiger on the playground. Hudson has already made his name into my heart.

The owner of the school asked that I write an artcile to be sent out to all of the parents. I was very excited and honored to do this. The title of my article is called, “15 Schools Later.” Which, I think speaks volumes about what the article is about.