Seafood Arun

C-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e 9-months, C’Mon! Arun has developed a passion for Cucs– he can’t get enough of them! Eyes squinted, mouth open, apparently, the taste evokes his pirate-like alter-ego, “Argh, Who Wants My Cuc, Eh? Touch it and you’ll walk me plank!”

Seriously though, it seems like if Arun sees food- he wants it! Hence, “Seafood Arun.” So, of course, we had to celebrate with some sort of seafood!

Ashish, Nishad and I did our own kind of celebrating- King Crab legs on the grill. Dab those babies with a little EOO, salt and pepper- It’s snappy! (harhar!)

Last year for our Anniversary, I ordered live Maine lobsters delivered to our door. What an experience! Delicious! We’ve come to really enjoy seafood at our house. I highly recommend the family owned company we ordered from. I think next time we order, we’ll get a platter of sorts. Yes, it was that good! Hmn….Can we say year old celebration with a little “snap, snap?”