Shopping with Nishad

Some of the reasons why I love shopping with Nishad~ He always makes the trip eventful!

November, after Thanksgiving: While grocery shopping in Byerly’s a lady smiled and said, “Oh, what cute boys!” I smiled and said, “Thank you.” She then asked, “Did you have turkey for Thanksgiving?” I smiled and said, “Actually, they don’t eat turkey. They are vegetarians.” At which point Nishad quickly chimes in, l-o-u-d-l-y, “We ate LOBSTER! BIG, BIG LOBSTER with BIG CLAWS!” Again, I smiled hoping Nishad would then stop with the lobster claw movements that went along with his words… Then lady smiled back and said, “Lobster isn’t quite vegetarian.” I said, “You’re right.” ha,ha.

Nishad went through a phase about a month back where he thought it was hysterical when he called people “hot-dogs.” Yes, up and down the isle as people would say “Hello” to him, he would reply back, “Hi, there Hot Dog!” I take the approach of, “Nishad, when someone says hi to you, all you need to say is hello back to be polite.” Ashish on the other hand, takes a different approach. When we were shopping and Nishad called a clerk a hot-dog, Ashish quickly replied, “Oh he LOVES hot-dogs. He likes them a lot!” ha,ha. Ok, Daddy!

Nishad makes his ‘own’ list for the grocery store. Imagine my surprise when I go to add something in the cart on ‘my’ list only to find out that it’s not on his list, so we don’t need it after all. However, things on his list, aren’t on my list either!

When we are shopping, and Nishad wants to check something out….like toys. He’ll try to pull me in by saying, “Mommy, we should go investigate in the isle over there. I’m curious what is there.” It usually then turns out to always be…”MOMMY it’s a humongous semi-truck!! I don’t have a humongous semi-truck.” Which is followed up by me saying, “But you have a HUGE amount of toys at home.”

Though I do love to put both kids in the cart when we shop, lately Nishad has just wanted to walk. Which is fine. However, last week his “freedom” of the cart led to an interesting experience. We were checking out at Byerly’s, which has a drive up service for groceries (so much easier with kids! I love to order online and avoid the store all together when I can.) I handed Nishad the two numbers that the clerk gave us to pick up or groceries as I was getting Tiger’s coat back on him. We went to the car and suddenly, there were three numbers, not two. So, I said, “Nishad, which were the numbers I gave you?” Which he said, “These Mommy.” (As he hands me the first two and holds on to one.) Sometime on the way out he picked up another number on the way out of the store. I didn’t actually look at the numbers, so I had no idea which numbers were ours and which was the decoy. ha,ha. Luckily, two the three numbers were there. We went home with all the groceries we paid for.

As we walk past the toy section, there are books sitting on a shelf. “Oh, Mommy! Books are NOT toys. It must be Wacky Wednesday!”

As we walk past a lading stocking the shelves. “Mommy!! What is that lady doing with all of those cans?” I reply by telling him that she works at the store stocking the shelves with food for us to buy. Approaching the lady, he says, “What’s her name?” I say, “I don’t know Nishad.” At which she turns around and says, “Julie.” At which Nishad slides down in the cart and gets all red. haha.. That made him quiet…until we were about 5 feet away when he exclaims, “Mommy! Go Back! She is putting the cans out for us!” Everyone in the store heard that we needed cans…cans of a product that we don’t even eat.

Picking up wipes in Target, Nishad turns to Arun and says, “Arun, we have to get some wipes because you have so many poops.”

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  1. So what you’re saying is that when I visit and we happen to go shopping…I should bring tissues in case I laugh so hard I start crying!?!?

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