Sprinkler Buddies

Let the sprinkling, splashing and lesson in hydraulics begin! The Beans’ paid us a visit today in the morning- We enjoy visiting with the Bean’s. The boys play so nicely with one another. I think Nishad gets a kick out of Jaxson!

Baby Vada and Baby Arun even muddled around in the wet grass- Vada really wanted to go into the sprinkler! Arun just woke up from nap, so he was still adjusting to the daylight. (ha,ha)

Daddy was working from home today, so Nishad and I had a special lunch date. We went to Space Aliens. Where else can you “fill up your inner space” so close to home?” It’s kinda of like a Chuckie Cheese…which I’ve always viewed as a large alien anyway! The loaded baked potato was pretty good and Nishad enjoyed his pizza. Nishad played games and won a bunch of dinosaurs and a snake. After we went shopping and I let him pick out an outfit, on his very own. He ‘had’ to have the basketball shirt. When I asked him why he wanted it he replied, “I can wear it when I play basketball.” Sounds reasonable to me! After we came home and it was time for nap, and time for Arun to wake up from his nap.