Surgery Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Nishad’s operation on his eye. I’m not nervous about the procedure, but I am nervous about putting him down for it. I was comforted with another person today telling me that her son has the same thing and we share the same doctor. After more than a month of warm compresses and ointment, he needs to have this taken care of for good. Especially with school- he’s starting to feel self conscious about it.

Speaking of school, his school was featured in a magazine. We received the information and the article in his Wednesday folder. It’s ironic that the director of the school moved to the Wayzata district for the very same reason that we are considering a move to the district- our children’s education, which we regard highly. Though Nishad attends a private school (toddler – K), we’ve heard raves about the public school district from parents in the Wayzata district.

Nishad also was speaking about his friend Thomas again. Yes, yesterday he told me his name. I was afraid that someone corrupted him by telling him about Thomas the Train, because we don’t watch that “stuff.” So, I asked him, “Is Thomas a train, Nishad?” Oh! He looked at me so oddly, “No Mamma, that is silly! Thomas is a boy in my class. He is naughty and makes a mess. He’s my friend.” hahaha! GREAT!

He told me he worked on the pink tower again today. I tried to explain to him why he wasn’t going to be at school tomorrow…I’m sure he’ll be back on Friday.